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Northeast Equipment Design has designed and built a variety of automated equipment such as web handling and piece part assembly machinery. Formats include rotary dial and linear systems using continuous and intermittent motion. We have extensive experience integrating vision systems, servo and stepper based motion control, part ID and marking systems, as well as custom data collection systems. Our equipment will meet your needs for high speed, high precision and accuracy, and reliable automated production.

SCARA based automotive part E-test machine with (3) DVT vision systems, serialized tracking, electrical functional test, stylus part marking, and custom DAQ (including report generation & archiving to CD):
Dual sided laminator with unwind tension control & integrated web cleaner:

Whether your requirements are for complete automated systems, custom packaging machinery, or electrical control systems, Northeast Equipment Design is here to serve you.


Work Cells and Fixtures 

Northeast Equipment Design has designed and built automated equipment ranging from simple fixtures to large assembly line modules. Our fixtures and work cells meet the needs of modern flexible manufacturing.

SCARA based rotary molding press loader/unloader with a DVT vision system (running multiple product inspections per machine cycle, looking at various exposures for component misload, debris on mold, short shot and excessive flash), (4) bowl feeders with articulating part pick nests:
A DVT vision system used for inspecting parts


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